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How did JF arise?

Nature demands a balance for every single thing you do. If society gives you something, you should give it back too. That’s the core belief. Plus specifically speaking about underprivileged children, there are so many children that have no one to call family, money and resources are all secondary, but the emotional support is what we need to offer first to them. That’s the motivation behind JF to be that moral and emotional support for those. 

What is JF’s main motive?

To help the underprivileged and give back to nature. While at the same time creating an impact and inspiring others to be the support for others that they might need. Humanitarian causes precisely. 

How does JF manage this foundation?

It’s an open humanitarian trust. People are free to come and join with their complete will, they can support with on ground support, monetary support, etc.

There are various teams working together towards the cause; however mostly it’s the meaningful cause that drives the motivation to manage the foundation. 

Is JF placed in India or abroad?

It is located in india. 

When did JF start?


Which issues does JF tackle?

Jitender foundation focuses on women empowerment and education for children plus other humanitarian issues.

Ranking of JF priority list of various issues

Education for children then women empowerment

What is the source of funding of JF?

Donation from small and big donors

Which projects is JF currently working on?

Education of 60 Unprivileged children

Who are the main beneficiaries ?

Unprivileged Children and women who wish to be heard 

We are working for a future that is brighter and prosperous.

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