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Who We Are

Working towards a Better Future where no one is left behind.


Jitender foundation is a Humanitarian Organization

That believes in the power of small deeds and aims to empower those in need. As an organization, we strive to bring in generational changes where every small action compounds together to solve a larger problem, making society a better place for all. We are fighting malpractices to bring change. 

Would you give your support to make it happen? 

Comfort Charity

Make donations from the comfort of your own home and do charity in the easiest way possible. Our team of extended volunteers takes in all the hassle and lets the donors bring change without moving a finger.


Join the JFV(Jitender Foundation Volunteer) Group to bring a change by connecting with other volunteers in the network. All our volunteers get access to our Volunteer Benefits to support a cause and contribute to bringing change on a grassroots level.

Transparency and Trust

We take utmost care and checks while receiving any donation. Furthermore, we try to be vigilant towards every contribution we make, ensuring the appropriate use of our resources to help the needy.


We are working for a future that is brighter and prosperous.


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