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Creating Opportunities to help women conquer the challenges of the past and secure a better future.

Our Campaigns

What women empowerment can achieve?

Women have to directly or indirectly deal with marginalization. The world is clearly unsustainable without the participation of half of the population. To help make a better world we need to strengthen women. Empowered women can empower entire communities.

How Jitender foundation empowers women?

Awareness Campaigns

Awareness is one of the key elements in creating a better society. Women being the backbone of a family need a stronger awareness and attitude towards good and bad things in the society. Awareness helps save many lives which are lost due to  infant mortality, maternal mortality and nutrition deficiency.

Organizing Women in Groups

Groups help women share their knowledge and easily raise their voice against unnecessary issues. Through groups women find a resistance against many social evils such as son meta preference that lead to many other problems such as higher crime, nutrition deficiency, stunting, etc.

Adult Education

Only 70% of women are literate in India which means there is a large number of illiterate women. Illiteracy also breeds age old stigmas and blind beliefs. With education, women can know how they can better take care of themselves and their family.

Financial Literacy

With financial inclusion comes the responsibility of financial management. Small saving habits often go a long way in creating financial independence of families. With financial literacy, women can better control their family as well as personal finances.

Lets Create a better world

Here at Jitendra Foundation, we understand how atomic habits make a great impact in our lives. We take this initiative to help others which will let us create a better future for everyone.

We are working for a future that is brighter and prosperous.


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