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Cleanliness is the foremost necessity in securing a good health. COVID taught us many things about personal hygiene as well as community sanitation. Poor sanitation causes 100,000 child deaths per year in India.

Our Campaigns

Why cleanliness is important?

How Jitender foundation drives cleanliness efforts?

Community Participation

Communities play an important role in eradicating solid waste pollution. Every individual that cleans their surroundings makes it better for everyone in their vicinity. Through community participation there is also an increased sense of togetherness.

Educating Younger Generation

Younger generations, being tech savvy, are much more informed about a lot of habits. Cleanliness is one of them. Any good habit picked at this stage makes a lifelong positive impact on everyone.

Lets Create a better world

Here at Jitendra Foundation, we understand how atomic habits make a great impact in our lives. We take this initiative to help others which will let us create a better future for everyone.

We are working for a future that is brighter and prosperous.


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