Do you believe in the right to education for every child? Make this happen today!

Do you ever question why you went to school? You most likely have, especially while studying, you may have even cribbed about why you studied a particular subject or how it may help in the future. Just hold on to that thought for a minute and think about the reverse situation where some children and their family background don’t have the opportunity or bandwidth to even afford quality education. Education for low-income backgrounds has always been difficult, which like a multiplier effect continues to impact that individual’s family into deeper problems with scarcity of proper knowledge and further drags down the family income and ability to progress.

You are fortunate enough to have received education which is why you are able to read this blog. Vidya daan thus is the most valuable charity you can do or blessing that can be given by you. Jitender foundation helps you avail this opportunity in its easiest form. You can now just sit back and donate at You can donate via a variety of tax-free payment methods. You are free to utilize UPI/BHIM, a credit card, paytm, or any other method that suits your needs. If you are busy but still want to help others there is no need to worry; all it takes is a single click. Feel joyous about contributing towards Vidya daan; educate not just a child but save its entire family and see India progress, prosper and become educated. It’s all in your hands, you can make a crucial decision for someone else and your country.

It is your time to show how you want to contribute and make the world a better place. Help children avail their basic right to education. You can contribute not just through donation but by teaching or spending time with children, helping them expand their horizons and develop life and social skills that can have a meaningful, positive impact on their lives and futures. Visit and get to know more information about how you can do this with ease.

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