From College Friends to Change-Makers: The Inspiring Journey of GIFTS NGO Founders

In the heart of their college years, two friends,  Ziaul and Arbab embarked on a journey that would forever alter their perception of education, privilege, and responsibility. As they delved into their studies, fate led them to a life-changing experience that ignited the spark of altruism within them.

 Their path took an unexpected turn when they joined the National Service Scheme (NSS) camping program. Amidst the natural beauty that surrounded them,  Ziaul and Arbab’s eyes were opened to a stark reality: there were countless children from impoverished slum communities who lacked access to quality education. The injustice of this disparity struck them like a thunderbolt. These children had done nothing wrong to deserve such a fate.

 The mantra of education as a means to secure oneself and uplift one’s family echoed around them. But a question gnawed at their conscience—was the pursuit of personal success enough? Were they giving back to society in proportion to what they were receiving?

 This bittersweet realization fueled their determination to make a tangible change. Ziaul and Arbab, driven by their passion to rectify this inequity, founded the “Global Innovative Foundation For Transforming Society” (GIFTS NGO). Their mission was clear: to bridge the educational gap for underprivileged slum children.

 While juggling their own studies,  Ziaul and Arbabrallied their college friends to volunteer. They dived headfirst into their newfound purpose, launching educational camps in the heart of slum communities. The joy of seeing young minds eager to learn brought them renewed energy.

 As graduation day approached,  Ziaul and Arbab didn’t see an end; they saw a new chapter. They dispersed to various corners of the country for higher education, but their commitment to their cause remained steadfast. Instead of fading away, their friendship grew stronger as they continued their social service endeavors.

 GIFTS NGO expanded its horizons, not limiting itself to educational initiatives alone. They organized health camps, empowering women workshops, skill development programs, and campaigns to raise environmental awareness. Their efforts were the threads stitching together a tapestry of holistic betterment.

 When the world grappled with the pandemic’s uncertainty,  Ziaul and Arbab displayed unparalleled resilience. They defied personal risk to provide aid where it mattered most. In seven different cities, they extended a lifeline to the marginalized—distributing ration kits and essentials to daily wage earners and slum dwellers. Their actions spoke volumes; compassion transcended boundaries.

  Ziaul and Arbab’s journey from college friends to change-makers encapsulated the essence of humanity. Their story was a testament to the transformative power of empathy and action. Through GIFTS NGO, they lit a beacon of hope, proving that the zeal to make a difference could conquer any obstacle.

 Their legacy is etched not only in the education camps, health initiatives, or environmental campaigns they organized, but in the lives they touched.  Ziaul and Arbab showed us that a noble cause, nurtured by passion and sustained by unwavering dedication, could blossom into a movement capable of reshaping society.

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