It’s that time of year again

Jitender foundation is passionate about helping children get maximum exposure and experience in the real world. Festivals are part of our culture and it’s important for every individual to be informed about their culture and traditions.

Christmas is a worldwide renowned festival and Jitender foundation is conducting a Christmas celebration drive in Mumbai where underprivileged children can come and enjoy various christmas related activities and receive useful gifts. 

Children love to play and through this event they will be able to experience and play various games. Our sim is to spread Christmas cheer to guests in the form of a warm smile, a wave, and experience through the games. We believe in inclusivity so we don’t differentiate amongst anyone, whoever is willing to experience the auspicious event of Christmas is welcomed by us. Alas, it’s one for all, come join Jitender foundation at the Christmas celebration. You could be a volunteer and help us in this process. 

In case you can’t help due to time constraints or any other reasons, you can donate at and we will go the extra mile to fulfil each child’s dream. 

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