Holistic education paves the path to prosperity

Education is not a want, it is a necessity; that one should be able to gain regardless of their economical status. It is part of human rights to benefit from education and prosper. Each one of us wishes that our country would flourish, become more advanced and be able to provide for the best facilities, contrastingly we are stopping it from growing by limiting the number of individuals who can lead the country, this is because not everyone has basic knowledge to be able to follow their passion or dream career.

We should act ethical and make education a fair matter. It is a matter of pride, holistic education would mold children into the upcoming leaders for our future. Let our future leaders make their own choices and explore their experiences. All these possibilities attained through a basic right- education. Make it possible for the children, for the nation and for yourself.

I hope you understand the importance of education and perhaps you are educated which is why you are able to read this blog, imagine people who cannot even speak or read english. You can ensure to do your bit to contribute to literacy and showing your support for the 100% literacy goal by donating at Jitender foundation which is an organization that generates funds to help children gain education and avail their human right to education.

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